As Fredericksburg residents return to workplaces in Northern Virginia and Washington, and the region’s roads become increasingly congested, some are rethinking their commutes.

One option is the Virginia Railway Express (VRE), which has taken a variety of precautions to protect the health and safety of its passengers. These measures include an enhanced cleaning regimen, installation of social-distancing decals and hand-sanitizer dispensers on rail cars and platforms, and a facial covering requirement.

To ensure social distancing, decals guide riders to window seats in every other row. Only 45 of 130 seats in any rail car are available to passengers. Currently, no more than 50 percent of those available seats are in use. VRE’s train utilization web page helps riders find the train that best matches their social-distance comfort level. The rail system closely monitors ridership and has been adding and lengthening trains to allow for proper social distancing.

VRE cleans its trains twice a day. Overnight cleanings use acidic electrolyzed water, a potent yet nonirritating disinfectant. The acid produced by electrolyzing the water can be 100 times more powerful than the active ingredient in bleach. Produced on demand, this environmentally friendly product uses only salt, tap water, and electricity.

VRE has 19 stations, one of which is in Fredericksburg. VRE is operating a reduced schedule, with nine trains running northbound weekday mornings and southbound in the evenings. VRE’s mobile app allows for the contactless purchase and validation of tickets. As residents head back to work, VRE is welcoming them back in the safest and healthiest way possible. Learn more at

Article submitted by VRE