Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown takes place this Saturday

June 8, 2022 | Community News | Arts & Culture, Events


Sophia StThis Saturday, June 11th, the 1100 block of Sophia St will close down and play host to the Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown. This event, hosted by Sophia Street Studios, is a celebration of local ceramic art. The purpose, according to owner Trista Chapman, is to promote new artists, as well as artists who make a living with their craft. 

Chapman has owned Sophia Street Studios since 1995 (it was in her late-husband’s name since 1982). Her artistic focus is concentrated on whimsical, colorful pottery, which she has featured at local and nationwide art shows for years. With the Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown, Chapman is bringing her knowledge and appreciation of art shows to the Fredericksburg community. 

“It’s just a nice, broad variety of different types of pottery that’ll be for sale,” she said. 

2022 will be the fifth year for the Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown, as they took one year off during the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will take place from 10am-5pm, and is open to the public. Chapman has invited 24 potters to join, as well as a local band to perform live music from 12pm-3pm. Her goal is to make everyone aware of these local artists, as well as her very own Sophia Street Studios. She also hopes that her event can help out restaurants on Sophia St, such as Tapa Rio and The Pig Pitt

Chapman sees lots of potential in the Fredericksburg art scene, praising the work of art centers such as LibertyTown Arts Workshop (who will have a tent at the Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown). She believes that the local galleries, artists, and musicians have the talent to build Fredericksburg’s artistic capabilities even further. Chapman is excited for what is in store for artists in Fredericksburg, and hopes that you will come to the Sophia Street Pottery Throwdown on Saturday.

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