Paul’s named best bakery in Virginia

October 31, 2019 | Fredericksburg Business News | Awards & Accolades

A famous Fredericksburg bakery has been named the best in Virginia.

Taste of Home named Paul’s Bakery at 2008 Lafayette Blvd. as the best bakery in Virginia for “hand-crafted baked goods.” The website described Paul’s as such:

This Fredericksburg bakery celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. Paul’s Bakery was opened by Paul Glancy and is now run by his son, with other family members helping out, too. Doughnuts have become a favorite treat at Paul’s, but they have lots of homemade goodies like pumpkin bread, coffee cakes, napoleons and cream horns.

Congratulations to Neil Glancy and his team at Paul’s Bakery!

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