It’s time to apply for the City’s Arts & Cultural District incentive

January 3, 2024 | Fredericksburg City News | Arts & Culture

The City of Fredericksburg (22401) is a regional destination for arts and cultural venues, performances, education and activities. Increasing the awareness and support for the vibrant arts and cultural community is an important initiative of the City that impacts public and private investment.

To help support the arts community, the City has an incentive program geared toward arts and cultural businesses. A business license tax reduction incentive was established for qualifying businesses to remain and locate in the Arts and Cultural District. Qualifying businesses include visual arts, dance, media arts, music studios and places of instruction, art and sculpture galleries, museums, performing arts venues and arts offices. Restaurants and service businesses in the District may also qualify if they host year-round rotating art exhibits. Please refer to the specific provisions in Ordinance 20-21.

The Arts & Cultural district is an area bordered by the Rappahannock River, U.S. 1 and State Route 3. It also includes a small section west of U.S. 1 to include the entire Area 6 Planning Area. View the map to confirm your business is in the District.

To qualify for the tax incentives, each business must submit an online application to the Department of Economic Development and Tourism by February 15. Once approved, the business will be entitled to an up to $250 business license tax reduction. Qualifying businesses must still submit their annual business license application no later than March 1 and submit payment no later than March 15 to the Commissioner of the Revenue. If these dates are not met, the business will be disqualified from the incentive for the current year.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Amy Peregoy at [email protected].

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