Fredericksburg Area Museum opening three new exhibits.

March 22, 2023 | Community News | Arts & Culture, History & Museums

STOMPJust as Fredericksburg Area Museum has re-opened to the public for the 2023 season, so have three new exhibits:

  1. SEEN: Viewing the Work of African American Artists in Fredericksburg – African American history is deeply rooted in Fredericksburg, and African American Artists have painted a vast portrait of Fredericksburg culture. SEEN is a stunning demonstration of these renowned artists, including famed painter Johnny Johnson and Palmer Hayden, who flourished in painting during the Harlem Renaissance. SEEN features African American Art from the past 100 years, and will run through December 2023. 
  2. Stomp: FXBC – Jurassic Quest was only the beginning of dinosaurs coming to Fredericksburg. Stomp takes you back 12 million years, to learn of the dinosaurs that walked through Virginia. This exhibit features the only known locations of dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period in the commonwealth, and is the perfect way to learn more about the beings who walked this Earth before us. This exhibit will be at FAM until December 2026. 
  3. Kiwanis: Building Through Service – As the Fredericksburg branch of the Kiwanis celebrates 100 years of international service, this exhibit features the stories of members and projects that managed to improve the lives of children and the Fredericksburg community. Kiwanis is a wonderful exhibit to learn of how our past and present citizens have shaped the meaning of community service, and how we, as a community, can do the same. This exhibit will run through August 2023. 

Fredericksburg Area Museum is located at 907 Princess Anne Street. Follow them on Facebook

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