City seeking Realtor services for Mary Washington Lodge

August 2, 2019 | Fredericksburg City News |

The City of Fredericksburg intends to offer the Mary Washington Monument Caretaker’s Lodge at 1500 Washington Avenue for sale or lease, and it is interested in hiring a Realtor to help. The City on Friday issued a formal request for Realtors to submit proposals to help with the effort. The Lodge is approximately 2,057 square feet, and the property that will be offered for sale or lease will be 0.25 acres (75-feet wide and 146-feet deep).

In taking this step, Fredericksburg City Council has determined that placing the Lodge in private ownership or use under the right proposal is the best way to enliven and preserve the Lodge, consistent with its historic use and with the continued preservation of the adjoining property as a park and as a memorial to Mary Washington, the mother of George Washington. Without private investment in the Lodge, it will fall into disuse or disrepair, and detract from the overall character of the larger property.

The property has a beautiful setting along Washington Avenue. It overlooks the Mary Washington Monument, Meditation Rock and Memorial (Kenmore) Park.

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